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Arranging a visit


  • Cost is $4.00 per student or parent; teachers are admitted free. 

Payment may be in cash (tallied and collected by the teacher beforehand), or cheque, payable to MacArthur Museum.
Receipts will be issued.  Please note that if you require an invoice it must be requested before the day of the visit and paid within 14 days of the visit.

Making a booking

  • Phone the museum on public opening days (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 10am to 3pm) on 3211 7052.
  • Email the museum on,  leaving name of school, preferred dates and times, number of students and year level, and your contact details.   Museum Staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
Where possible school visits should occur on normal opening days to enable the Education Officers to offer a variety of presentations and activities. Please indicate which presentations and activities listed on the Education page you would like included in your tour, noting that you should plan to spend a minimum of one hour in the Museum, preferably one and a half hours for a more complete educational visit.

Worksheets for use in the Museum

"There's a war on, you know!"       Primary/Middle School booklet of activities
All in!  Secondary/Senior School worksheet

Please note the following -

  1. No food or drink allowed in the Museum – there is a food hall in the MacArthur Chambers complex adjacent to the Museum. Bags to be left at reception.
  2. No writing on the heritage MacArthur planning table, to prevent damage to this valuable artifact.  Students should bring clipboards or notebooks if they will be doing written work.
  3. All  mobile phones and  other electronic devices are to be turned off.
We look forward to your booking.