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Donations of artifacts and papers

What we're looking for

Most of our exhibits are donations from the public.  We provide a secure, monitored environment to preserve items from the war years, in a temperature controlled building high above flood levels.  If it is difficult to know to whom to leave a precious item within your family, our museum can be the answer.

You can help us expand our collection by donating memorabilia from the Second World War.  We are particularly interested in items that help to tell the story of the social history of Brisbane during the period, concentrating on the work of the GHQ, the training camps, airfields and naval facilities in the greater Brisbane area, civil defence and the work of the civilians in reserved occupations such as railways, post and communications, the Land Army, Red Cross and Voluntary Aid Detachments,  Allied Works Council, Civil Construction Corps, Army and Air Force Aboriginal Labour Units, and the Civil Alien Corps. 

We do not want weapons.  Souvenirs sent back to Brisbane from the war zones are accepted.  

If you think you have a suitable item to donate, please call on a Tuesday or Thursday between 10 and 3 or email and discuss it with someone before you bring it in. 

We would appreciate any of these articles:

  • Personal histories, memoirs, diaries, letters, eulogies, etc with anecdotes about life in Brisbane during the war
  • Books about the war not already in our catalogue
  • Magazines from 1939-1946
  • Mannikins in good condition to display uniforms
  • Identification documents
  • Photographs of SE Queensland during the war
  • civil defence instructions, automobile headlamp shades for blackouts


Education Program

Our Education program has identified these items which they'd like to have

Morse code key

WWII in the Pacific model planes (Kitty Hawk, Lancaster bomber, seaplane, Spruce Goose, flying boat)

School slate boards and slate pencils

Air raid warden helmet


Craven cigarette box

Ten shilling note

One pound note

Record of service book

Ration book

US Marine tie

Mess kit with knife, fork and spoon

Can opener

Trenching shovel

Identification tags

Flying wings

Soldier's pay book