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Gen. Douglas MacArthur Brisbane Memorial Foundation


The General Douglas MacArthur Brisbane Memorial Foundation, a registered charitable organisation, aims to secure the Museum’s future by maintaining a suitable public display on the 8th level of the former HQ Allied Forces building, MacArthur Chambers. The core feature of the museum is General MacArthur’s actual wartime office which he occupied from July 1942 to November 1944.
The current Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Brigadier (Retd) Peter Rule, AM.


The MacArthur Museum Brisbane is funded through the benevolence of government, corporate and public donations which met a development target of $1.8 million to establish the displays. The fundraising drive commenced in year 2001 and the target of $1.8 million was reached in time for the offical opening of Stage 2 on the 6th March 2007.
Donations to the Museum are tax deductible under the provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1977 and payable to: ‘The General Douglas MacArthur Brisbane Memorial Foundation’.


The 8th Floor Museum site is permanently owned by the Brisbane City Council and leased under special arrangements to the Foundation for historical and display purposes.

Management Plan

Management is under an approved Conservation Plan for MacArthur Chambers, a site listed on the Australian National Estate register. The museum is managed by a small team of paid staff and volunteers.