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Plan your visit

Look behind the front lines of the Second World War, to discover the role Brisbane played from 1939 – 1945, a crucial period in Australia’s history. Visit the office of General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces in the South West Pacific Area. Sit at the table where MacArthur and his staff developed strategies to win the war.

Experience life in Brisbane during the dark days of war when people feared that the city might be invaded, public air raid shelters lined the streets and children wore identity discs. Read The Courier-Mail and see what Brisbane people woke up to every day. See actual newsreel footage from the time. Learn about the people whose work behind the front lines supported the troops and made victory possible. Feel what life was like for Brisbanites when thousands of American and Australian troops inhabited camps around the city, parading through the streets and filling the shops, cafes and pubs.

Allow at least an hour to see it at the MacArthur Museum Brisbane.
Each of the lifts can only accommodate 11 people at a time, so budget a few minutes to get groups up together.