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MacArthur Museum Library

The Museum maintains a library of books, audio visual products and posters.  Consult the catalogue here.

These are available for perusal at the Museum. Contact the Museum to ensure the material you wish to study is available.

Guides of the MacArthur Museum Brisbane are able to borrow some of our books.

Some primary source documents and realia are kept and catalogued separately as artifacts. These can also be made available by prior arrangement with the Curator. These include:

  • a collection of psychological warfare leaflets which would be valuable additions to any study of propaganda in wartime.

  • diaries of individuals who participated in various aspects of the war, both on the home front and on battlefields.

  • transcripts of interviews with Mrs MacArthur about her experiences in Australia.

  • scrapbooks made by Brisbane people at the time, with clippings from newspapers, photographs and personal letters.

  • guest books kept by Brisbane families who hosted a number of American, British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers and sailors

  • a few newspapers and yearbooks published by various units during the war



If you have a question, contact and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.