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School Visits

StudentsLearn the inspiring story of how a “country town” of 300,000 people rose to its greatest challenge when Brisbane became headquarters for General Douglas MacArthur, Commander of the forces in the South West Pacific during World War Two.

Our video of  ‘Brisbane at War’  will show the students what the city looked like and how the arrival of thousands of  troops changed a country town into a garrison city, with two million soldiers and sailors passing through and thousands living throughout Brisbane.

Students may listen to short presentations about the war effort including the impact of the war on Brisbane, how and where the fighting in the Pacific took place and the role of General MacArthur in leading the Allied war effort. Students also see the office where the General and his staff planned the Pacific Campaigns.

Our exhibits include topics such as children’s contributions to the war effort, women’s participation in the war both in the home and in the workplace, entertainment during the war, the impact of the war on Brisbane transportation, the role of the three branches of the armed forces, war brides, intelligence work done in Brisbane, the “Battle of Brisbane” and Japan and Korea.

By pre-arrangement, students may also –

  • complete a simple activity about the perils of wartime gas and see an authentic gas mask;
  • try plane spotting and learn about the various planes as children did in Brisbane at the time;
  • learn about Morse Code, experience using a transmitter, and work out an important wartime message;
  • see how various forms of technology have evolved;
  • explore some of the entertainment and social activities during World War 2 in Brisbane.

See “Arranging a Visit” to learn how you and your class can discover what it was like in Brisbane at a significant time in this City’s history.