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Support Us

The aims of the MacArthur Museum Brisbane are to

  • add to the rich portolio of heritage sites in Brisbane
  • raise awareness of the heritage sector and its valuable contribution to the city's social history
  • provide a focus on the crisis years from 1942-45 and to share that with students, residents and visitors to Brisbane
  • highlight the successful Allied coalition of the Australians and Americans who served together in WWII
  • provide a place for research and study on the war years

commemorate the significance of MacArthur's years here, including the planning of his "I Shall Return" campaign to recapture the Philippines, which was carried out in this building

You can assist our award winning Museum in achieving these aims through

Becoming a volunteer Guide.  Call the office on a Tuesday or Thursday, 10-3 and speak to someone about what is involved.  They'll see that you get the application form.  Complete and return that to us.  We look forward to meeting you.

Donating a World War II artefact, photograph, book or a written account of personal stories of Brisbane from that time.

Our Major Donors

The General Douglas MacArthur Brisbane Memorial Trust/Foundation