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Volunteer guides

Do you have an interest in World War II? Can you spare at least two days a month to act as a guide? Please contact the Museum on Tuesday or Thursday by phone during office hours or email now on

A Volunteer guide must be able to:

  • Communicate with our visitors (including showing empathy).  
  • Have an interest in sharing history.  
  • Collect entry fees and record the information on the daily sheet.
  • Record and receipt the sales of merchandise.  
  • Spend at least one 40 minute session a day welcoming visitors at the secured entrance.
  • Be dressed appropriately.

We will show you how to do these things and be sure there's someone around to help while you learn the routines.

Other volunteering activities

Some of our volunteers also help with school groups. They require a Blue Card.

Others use their skills behind the scenes, in grant writing, interpretation and conservation of exhibits and maintaining our database of artifacts and documents.  We are occasionally asked to provide speakers to community groups.

If you volunteer, you make new friends with people who share some of your interests. You can borrow from our library of World War II history and biography. You will learn new aspects of the subject. You'll be the first to hear about our special projects like the 70th Anniversary commemorations and have an opportunity to participate in them.