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Image: Air raid shelters down Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, 1942 [SLQ 166469]


To create an environment in which adults and children are inspired by their understanding of the achievements and the hardship endured by the people of Brisbane and those who fought for our nation in the South West Pacific Area during World War Two, through the medium of General Douglas MacArthur’s General Headquarters, Brisbane.


Through the MacArthur Museum Brisbane:

  • Highlight the social, cultural and economic impact of World War Two on the people of Brisbane during the period 1942-1944.
  • Promote a community awareness of the sacrifices made by Australians and their Allies, both service and civilian, during World War Two.
  • Provide a historical perspective on the threat to Australia posed by Japan during World War Two.
  • Recognise the role played by General MacArthur, from his Headquarters in Brisbane, in the defeat of the Japanese Forces in the South West Pacific Area during World War Two.
  • Highlight the historical impact of the United States military presence on Brisbane during the period.
  • Maintain the Museum, and its uniqueness in a World War Two context, as a significant element of Brisbane’s Living Heritage Network.

The Foundation Limited

The Trustee for the General Douglas MacArthur Brisbane Memorial Foundation is a statutory body responsible for the Museum and its operations. The Museum is a not-for-profit entity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and is funded solely through the generosity of donors.

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