Group Visits

Group visits are welcome

Image: A visit to the Museum by the Chapel Hill View Club

The MacArthur Museum Brisbane is a great place for a group visit as we are located very near Central Station and most bus routes. There is ample parking available in MacArthur Central, accessed from Elizabeth Street, although this can be very expensive of a stay of a few hours. Tour buses can stop right outside our doors to drop off and pick up visitors. Our lifts can take 10 people at a time, fewer if there are wheelchairs or walking frames.

Chapel Hill View Club Visit
A visit to the Museum from the Chapel Hill View Club

It is advisable to check with the office before bringing a large group, so we can be sure we have adequate numbers of guides available to serve the needs of your group, and to be sure we don't have another group or school class booked in at the same time.

A Museum is always full of wonderful 'conversation starters'. Why not bring your group in soon?

Volunteers can lead groups through various aspects of the Museum. Experience life in Brisbane during the dark days of war when people feared that the city might be invaded, public air raid shelters lined the streets and children wore identity discs. Read The Courier-Mail and see what Brisbane people woke up to every day. See actual newsreel footage from the time. Learn about the people whose work behind the front lines supported the troops and made victory possible. Feel what life was like for Brisbanites when thousands of American and Australian troops inhabited camps around the city, parading through the streets and filling the shops, cafes and pubs.

Allow at least an hour to see all the exhibits at the MacArthur Museum Brisbane.

Each of the lifts can only accommodate 10 people at a time, so if you have a large group, allow a few minutes to get your group up to the floor for the visit.


Entry fee is $5.00 per head.

Payment may be made in cash (tallied and collected by the group leader beforehand), or cheque, payable to MacArthur Museum.

Receipts will be issued. Please note that if you require an invoice it must be requested before the day of the visit and paid within 14 days of the visit.

Making a booking

Phone the Museum on public opening days (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 10am to 3pm) on 3211 7052 or email the Museum on with details of your group.

Please note the following:

No food or drink allowed in the Museum – there is a food hall in MacArthur Central complex adjacent to the Museum. Bags and other items can be left at reception.

We look forward to your next visit with us.

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Learn how you and your class can discover what it was like in Brisbane at a significant time in this city’s history.

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