We all know that the response to COVID-19 has brought about major changes to the way museums operate and MacArthur Museum is no exception. Many of our visitors and volunteer staff are in demographics that are at elevated risk if they are infected. We hope you will keep this in mind if you find some of these measures inconvenient.


  • The front doors to the Museum will be left open so you do not need to touch anything to gain entry
  • Hand sanitiser is available as you enter the foyer
  • You will be asked to maintain social distancing (markers on the carpet will assist with this)
  • We prefer payment by credit/debit card
  • You must sign in using the Check in Qld app in accordance with government legislation.
  • You will be given an entry pass (a replica of the WWII pass) to keep, and a Self-Guided tour map which we ask you to return to the used tray at the end of your tour.
  • Please maintain social distancing and sneezing etiquette within the museum.
  • Our touch screens have been disconnected to avoid possible cross infection; however, our tap technology is still in use.
  • Our washrooms are professionally cleaned three times per week, after each day we are open.
  • Please wipe surfaces in the washrooms that you have come in contact with after you have used them.

We hope that these steps will help to keep you and the volunteer staff free from infection.

We are looking forward to your visit