Commemorating the General's arrival  feature image

Commemorating the General's arrival

We mark the day Brisbane had to step up to the challenge of being a wartime capital
School visits feature image

School visits

Learn the inspiring story of how a “country town” of 300,000 people rose to its greatest challenge
Available for Functions feature image

Available for Functions

The Museum is a popular inner city venue for book launches, club outings and other get-togethers.
MacArthur and Nimitz feature image

MacArthur and Nimitz

General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz discuss the strategy that will win the war in the Pacific

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Our Location

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Opening Hours

Oen to the public: Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays

10 am to 3 pm

Other times for groups by prior arrangement.

Ph: (07) 3211 7052


Museum Entry

New entrance fees from January 12,2016
Adults: $8
Seniors: $5
Children, Groups: $4
Families: $15